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Enkei Sport RC-G4 Gravel Wheel

Enkei RC-G4 wheels provide impact resistance, high rigidity, low weight, and maximized brake cooling for gravel rally competition. Designed to clear group N brake calipers. Available only in white (gold has been discontinued). This wheel is being replaced by the RC-G5 and availability is limited.

Usually ships in 1-2 weeks.

Manufacturer: Enkei


  • Subaru

What Subaru brake systems will these wheels clear? These wheels are specifically designed to clear Group N gravel spec brakes. The USDM WRX MY06-07 uses one version of this system. They will not clear the STI Brembo brake systems. However, the 15 x 7in. wheels will clear most other WRX brake systems (but not 15 x 6.5in).

Is it necessary to use a hub centering ring with these wheels? It is not necessary to use these wheels in a hub-centric configuration. The lug holes have the strength and accuracy for locating the wheel on the hub. However, hub centering rings can make installation quicker and more convenient.

What lug nuts should be used with these wheels? These wheels have a deep taper which is not compatible with some OEM lug nuts. The taper angle is the same as stock but the nut should have a longer taper to avoid a situation where the corners of the lug nut contact the lug hole taper before the nut is fully seated. The Enkei RC-NUT is a very strong motorsport grade lug nut that is an excellent option.