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3-way Adjustable Advanced Rally Suspension

Baratec (formerly RS&SP) racing suspension systems feature advanced suspension engineering and design for world class performance over the roughest rally stages. Known as the "INTEGRA" system, this suspension represents the latest development from Baratec.

The front strut body uses a special twin-tube structure independent from the damper itself. The outer tube is 60mm in diameter with a honed inner diameter allowing the lower bushing to be fixed to the inner tube and within a constant oil circulation. This design allows for increased structural rigidity and resistance to bending loads while reducing stiction. Additionally, the dirt contamination of the damper tube lubrication is greatly reduced and subsequently bushing life is improved even under the most demanding conditions.

Damping is adjustable over a wide range with rebound and high and low speed compression all independently adjustable. Additionally, this system utilizes a load sensitive fast-rebound system which operates by reducing the rebound damping (resistance) when the wheel comes off the ground allowing it to return quicker and maintain contact with the road. In the compression direction, a unique high impact absorbtion system senses high load/impact conditions and opens a valve to allow a reduction in compression damping over a calibrated distance. The effect is to reduce the load on the chassis during heavy impacts. These features can be a significant advantage over extremely rough terrain.

Standard on this system is Baratec's progressive hydraulic bump stop system to control the suspension at the end of its travel. This system utilizes a secondary piston to progressively increase the compression damping once a predetermined point is reached near the end of the suspension travel. This allows the primary piston's valving to be configured for optimal traction without the burden of controlling the length of travel. A softer suspension setup can be achieved to maximize grip while the suspension is still protected against over-travel and the associated damaging effects and loss of control. The bump stop system is adjustable up front.

This suspension uses a piggyback front gas reservoir and a remote rear reservoir. Baratec-produced spherical bearing top mounts are included. A special oversized rear bearing allows for maximum rear travel. A main and tender spring arrangement is also included with current springs supplied by Eibach. Suspensions are height adjustable via threaded spring platforms. Both tarmac and gravel options are available (gravel having longer suspension travel and softer spring and damping rates). The suspensions are fully rebuildable in the field with an optional tool and spare parts kit.

Special order with a 3 to 6 week lead time.

Manufacturer: Baratec Suspensions (RSSP)


  • Subaru WRX STI MY2008-2017
  • Subaru WRX MY2008-2017
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RSSP-60G INTEGRA Rally Suspension System* Gravel $9500.00
RSSP-60T INTEGRA Rally Suspension System* Tarmac $9500.00

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