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Coilover Rear Strut Top Mount

This rear strut top mount is a modified design of RST-2039 STI Group N rear strut top mount and is designed for coilover type applications. The spring seat portion of the mount is eliminated from the design so as to not cause interference with the coilover spring seat parts.

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Manufacturer: STI


  • Subaru Impreza MY2002-2007

What is the difference between this part and my original factory one? The rubber durometer (hardness) is noticeably increased. Addtionally, the spring seat is deleted. Otherwise it is identical to the original part.

What are the benefits of using this product? The compliance of the strut top mount is reduced. This minimizes undampened motion in the suspension and better resists geometry changes when subject to high cornering forces. Steering response will also be improved. Durability under extreme conditions is maximized.

Are there any downsides to using this product? The increased rubber hardness will transmit road imperfections more readily to the chassis. Higher NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) should be expected. However, it is generally still considered tolerable for daily driver applications.

Can this top mount be used on applications designed around the MY02-03? There is a difference in the thickness of the mounting hole and therefore the locating shoulder on the threaded top pin of the strut. A strut specifically designed for the OEM Impreza MY02-03 top mount will have a taller shoulder allowing the MY04-07 top mount to be loose after the nut is tightened down. However, these Group N top mounts come with a special washer to take up the extra space and allow it to be used on older models.