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Group N VO Competititon Drivetrain Mounts

STI competition drivetrain mounts provide a highly rigid mounting of the engine and transmission for extreme competition use. These are a step above the normal STI Group N mounts and will result in increased NVH that may be excessive for everyday street driving. Engine mounts are re-designed for increased strength under a VO homologation.

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Manufacturer: STI


  • Subaru Impreza STI MY2001-2014
  • Subaru WRX STI MY2015-2017

What do you mean by "VO" in the description? VO stands for Variant Option which is a homologation process. Newer Group N regulations allow greater freedom to specially homologate alternative part designs. Previously modification was limited to general Group N rules which allow the mounts and bushings to be increased in durometer to a maximum of 90 shore A hardness provided the materials and design remain unmodified from the original component. But the Variant Option and now R4 regulations have introduced greater freedom for modification in order to put various manufacturer's models on more equal footing.

How much difference is there to the "standard" Group N engine and transmission mounts? The transmission mount is only different in terms of the rubber hardness. However, the engine mount has been redesigned in its entirety for reduced compliance and maximum durability. It has a circular, rather than rectangular shape. Both the mounts listed on this page are considered motorsport parts by STI, rather than general performance parts like the standard group N mounts. The level of NVH is considered a little too excessive for general road use.