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Group N Hardened Drivetrain Mounts

STI Group N drivetrain mounts feature increased rubber hardness to reduce driveline movement and torque reactions. This improves power transfer and increases reliability under extreme use. Essential for cars with increased power outputs. These mounts are produced on the same production line as factory parts and share same rubber molds but they are not standard factory parts (not even on STI models). We sell only genuine STI mounts imported from Japan. These are not SPT packaged mounts.

Usually ships in 2 to 3 days.

Manufacturer: STI


  • Subaru All Models With EJ Engines

What is the difference between this part and my original factory one? The rubber durometer (hardness) is noticeably increased. Otherwise they are identical to the original parts. However, the 5-speed transmission mount uses one solid piece of rubber unlike the factory one which has open spaces in the rubber isolator.

Will these mounts fit normally aspirated applications? Yes, however, the engine mounts should be used with the original mounting brackets rather than the ones included (which are designed for turbo applications).

What are the benefits of the Group N drivetrain mounts? The harder rubber limits drivetrain movements which enhances throttle response and increases reliability under hard launching and shifting.

Are there any downsides to using this product? The increased rubber hardness will transmit more engine vibration and gearbox noise to the chassis. However, it is generally still considered tolerable for daily driver applications.

This looks exactly like the part I removed from my car. Why? The Group N bushings and mounts are produced on the same factory line as the production parts and often use the same molds and will appear identical. However, testing the rubber durometer will show there is a difference. Additionally, usually (but not always) there will be some type of paint marking for identification. The Group N bushings will generally have different color marks.