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Racing Brake Fluid

Motul RBF600 and RBF660 brake fluids provide the very high boiling points necessary for use with racing brake systems. Helps prevent vapor lock and brake fade with hard use. RBF660 is ideal for use with carbon and ceramic brake systems. Bottles are filled with nitrogen to extend the shelf life and eliminate moisture contamination while in storage. Boiling points for RBF660 are 617°F(325°C) dry and 400°F(204°C) wet. Boiling points for RBF600 are 594°F(312°C) dry and 401°F(205°C) wet.

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Manufacturer: Motul

Part No. Description Application Price Ea. Add to Cart
MOT-RBF660 Motul RBF660 Brake Fluid 500mL $25.20
MOT-RBF600 Motul RBF600 Brake Fluid 500mL $17.50