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Gear Competition 75W140

Motul Gear Competition 75W140 is an ester based full synthetic gear oil formulated for racing transmissions and hypoid final drives with limited slip differentials. Works with synchronized or dog type transmissions. Protects against extreme shockloading and high operating temperatures.

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Manufacturer: Motul

What is the color of this Gear Competition 75W140 fluid? The fluid is dyed blue for identification purposes.

Is this fluid compatible with limited slip differentials? Yes. The fluid contains friction modifiers to smooth the lsd clutch operation and reduce noise.

How does this fluid compare to others on the market? This is the recommended fill for many high end racing transmissions including PPG, Hewland and X-Trac. This oil features superior temperature resistance, 0% shear loss, fluidity at low temperatures, and very efficient anti-wear protection. It minimizes shift effort and excels under racing conditions maximizing durability in the harshest operating environments.