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2nd-6th Long Ratio Gear Set

The long ratio gear set is a factory based kit for GDB applications with improved gear ratios for drag racing, high speed track, and even street performance applications. Reduces the number of shifts through the 1/4 mile. Ratios are ideally suited to the flat torque curve of the 2.5L turbo. A taller 6th gear has the potential for raising top speed in applications that are otherwise gearing limited. Gears are REM ISF® treated for maximum durability and reduced frictional losses. Each kit includes main shaft, all gears from 2nd to 6th, 2nd gear synchronizer, 3rd gear synchronizer, and custom keyway.

MY2007 onward USDM models will already have the 2nd-4th ratios but can upgrade the 5th and 6th gears by purchasing the individual parts (5th drive gear, 6th drive gear, 5th/6th driven, and some early 2007 models may require the adapter keyway but most applications will not)

Gear Ratios: OEM / 2.235 / 1.521 / 1.137 / 0.891 / 0.707

Usually ships in 2 to 3 days.

Manufacturer: Subaru/RalliSpec


  • Subaru 6-Speed Manual Transmission (TY856 Type)

Are these gears the same as the USDM Legacy Spec B? The ratios are the same but we actually developed this kit using part numbers from the JDM Forester STI model. We found the Forester gears to be slightly stronger plus we are able to use a 3rd/4th driven gear with an appropriate keyway width (Legacy Spec B and MY07 USDM STI use a narrow keyway design). The 5th/6th gear, however, was updated in the Japanese parts system to a narrow keyway design and we are unable to supply a wide keyway version with the kit. Therefore we supply a custom adapter keyway for the 5th/6th.

How do the gears differ from the MY2007+ STI models? The 2nd through 4th gears are basically the same (except the wide keyway 3rd/4th driven gear as discussed above). But the STI does not have the tall 5th and 6th gear ratios.

Can you supply just the 5th/6th long ratio gears for my 07+ STI? Yes, simply purchase the 5th drive, 6th drive, and 5th/6th driven gears from the individual parts list. Most applications should not need the adapter keyway.

How much does this kit raise the top speed in each gear? The top speed in each gear is raised 6% for 2nd gear, 16% in 3rd gear, 18% in 4th gear, 9% in 5th gear, and 7% in 6th gear. So, for example, in 6th gear if your current top speed is 175mph the new top speed would be 175*1.07 = 187mph.

Why are 2nd and 3rd gear synchros supplied in the kit? These synchros are required for proper fitment due to a change in the number of synchro friction cone tab holes (from 6 to 4).