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Valve Spring And Retainer Set

GSC beehive valve springs and titanium retainers allow for more precise valve control and higher revs. The beehive spring design utilizes an ovate wire with advanced heat treatment for longevity and better stress distribution for reliability at high revs. With its narrowed top diameter it allows for a smaller and lighter spring retainer while at the same time providing a variable frequency which allows for higher rpms when compared to traditional springs. Nano-peened for durability.

Suggested max revs with an S3 cam profile is 9500rpm and max boost of more than 35psi. Coil bind is 14mm of valve lift.

Usually ships in 2 to 3 days.

Manufacturer: GSC Power-Division


  • Subaru EJ205/EJ207
  • Subaru EJ255/EJ257

What is the importance of the valve spring? The role of the valve spring is to ensure that the valve movement accurately follows the camshaft lobe. Valve float occurs when the valve spring is unable to control the inertia of the valvetrain and the valve and lifter lose contact with the cam lobe. Therefore the spring requirements are dependent on the masses of the valvetrain components in motion and the engine speed as well as the agressiveness of the cam lobe profile. Ideally the minimum spring force necessary to achieve accurate valve movement at the desired maximum rpm should be used because otherwise you are adding undesirable friction and component stresses.

What is the advantage of a dual valve arrangement? This arrangement allows for the use of thinner spring wire so that greater valve lifts can be used without coil bind. Additionally, most have an inner spring with a slight interference fit with the outer spring. This adds a level of damping to the valve spring harmonics to allow for higher rpm operation and longer life.

What is a beehive spring? A beehive spring has a small diameter top coil which reduces spring and retainer inertia. The variation in coil diameters and spacing significantly reduces valve spring harmonics.