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Valve Spring and Retainer Set

GSC beehive valve springs and titanium retainers allow for more precise valve control and higher revs. The beehive spring design utilizes an ovate wire with advanced heat treatment for longevity and better stress distribution for reliability at high revs. With its narrowed top diameter it allows for a smaller and lighter spring retainer while at the same time providing a variable frequency which allows for higher rpms when compared to traditional springs. Nano-peened for durability.

Available either with titanium retainers or for use with stock retainers. Suggested max rpm and boost for GSC-5040 S2 (with S2 profile cam) 8500rpm/30psi and for S3 (with S3 profile cam) 10500rpm/44psi. For GSC-5039 S2 (with S2 profile cam) suggested max is 8200rpm/25psi (max valve lift is 11.2mm at valve).

Usually ships in 2 to 3 days.

Manufacturer: GSC Power-Division


  • Mitsubishi EVO 4-9
Part No. Description Rate@Height Price Ea. Add to Cart
GSC-5039 GSC Stage 3 Beehive Valve Springs (for Stock Retainers) 86lbs@1.56" $199.75
GSC-5040 GSC Stage 2 Beehive Valve Springs and Ti Retainers 85lbs@1.59" $369.75
GSC-5041 GSC Stage 3 Beehive Valve Springs and Ti Retainers 97lbs@1.54" $369.75