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Dry Sump Oil System

RCM's dry sump system is engineered as the ultimate solution for resolving Subaru oil supply issues. The dry sump oil pump mounts directly to the supplied oil pan and is driven from the timing belt idler via a cogged belt. The pressure stage feeds pressurized oil to the engine via a CNC machined cover that bolts in place of the original oil pump. A non-oil cooler water pump is supplied in order to eliminate the factory oil cooler water pipe that would otherwise interfere with the oil pump drive. Fittings and hardware are supplied to complete the installation.

The dry sump system reduces residual oil and crankshaft windage and improves ring sealing by generating a slight vacuum in the crankcase. Oil starvation issues with the factory oil pan and oil drainback system are effectively eliminated by allowing the use of a high capacity external oil reservoir. Minimal oil pan/pump height allows for increased ground clearance.

A dry sump oil tank and interconnecting hoses must be fabricated or supplied by the installer or end user as these parts are not included in the kit. Professional installation is highly recommended.

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Manufacturer: RCM


  • Subaru EJ Engines
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RCM-2668 RCM Dry Sump Oil System Kit $3250.00