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Exhaust Insulating Wrap

Thermo-Tec exhaust wrap assists in retaining heat within the exhaust system in order to maintain velocity. This improves exhaust scavenging effects and, in turbocharged applications, reduces turbo spool time. Additional effects are to reduce underhood temperatures which can increase intake charge density while also protecting nearby components from heat damage. This is Thermo-Tec's most advanced exhaust wrap design which is produced from pulverized lava rock (basalt). More pliable and resistant to discoloration than previous designs. Withstands 2000 degrees Fahrenheit in direct continuous contact. Carbon fiber appearance.

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Manufacturer: Thermo-Tec

Part No. Description Roll Size Price Ea. Add to Cart
TT11042 Thermo-Tec Carbon Fiber Color Exhaust Wrap 2in x 50ft $53.95