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Billet Crankshaft

Arrow lightweight billet crankshafts are designed to handle the added stress of high performance and high rpm operation. Machined from low sulphur CoORUS steel in EN40B specificaiotn. Oil drillings in the crankshaft are designed to improve oil pressure at the rod bearings particularly at high rpms where the stock crankshaft suffers issues due to centrifugal forces acting against oil flow. Profiled counterweights reduce drag and large fillet radiuses maximize strength. Each crankshaft goes through a rigorous quality control process and is precision balanced.

These crankshafts incorporate thrust surfaces for both #3 and #5 main journals and therefore can be used in any model year application (Phase I or Phase II engine designs).

Usually ships in 1 to 2 weeks.

Manufacturer: Arrow


  • Subaru EJ Series

What are the advantages of using this crankshaft? This crank is machined from high strength heat treated billet which allows it to be made light weight without sacrificing strength or stiffness. Large rolled journal fillets at the corners of the journals (the most highly stressed parts of the crankshaft) increase durability. Rod oiling is supplied from two main journals (full flow oiling) so that oil supply is constant and consistent allowing for maximum bearing reliability at high rpms. Oil passages between main and rod journals are angle drillings rather than cross drilled minimizing centrifugal forces that must be overcome and improving oil pressures at the rods.