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Final Drive Set K-Series

PPG straight cut final drive gear sets are manufactured to the highest standards using specialized tooth profiles, aerospace grade alloys, and tightly controlled heat treatment processes. The end result is exceptional strength and durability.

Special order.

Manufacturer: PPG


  • Honda/Acura K-Series

What effect does changing the final drive have on the car's performance? A shorter final drive (higher numerical ratio) increases the torque multiplication across all gears improving acceleration. However, it also increases the engine revs per mph in all gears which has the effect of requiring upshifts sooner and reducing the top speed (assuming it was gearing limited to begin with). It is best suited for applications such as rally, short tracks, and winding canyon roads where top speeds are low but require short bursts of acceleration from corner to corner.

What is the standard final drive ratio? The original final drive ratio will be either 4.389 (K20A2/K20A3) or 4.764 (K20A/K20Z1).