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Cusco RS Type Metal Plate LSD

Cusco RS Type LSD's are a metal plate type limited slip. Initial torque is generated by coil springs rather than the typical cone springs which creates more progressive locking characteristics and improved sensitivity to throttle inputs. RS-Type LSD pressure rings have two ramp angle options allowing for tuning of the LSD to the conditions. High tensile forged chromoly side & pinion gears, case, and other components ensures reliability under extreme horsepower applications. "Oil Through System" case design maximizes LSD cooling and reliability. RS type LSD's are excellent for a wide range of applications owing to their wide range of adjustability and smoother progressive operating characteristics.

Popular applications usually ship within 2 to 3 days.

Manufacturer: Cusco


  • Mitsubishi EVO 6.5-9
Part No. Description Application Price Ea. Add to Cart
CU-450C Cusco RS-Type LSD Front 1way (Converts to 1.5way) EVO 8/9 ACD $2040.00
CU-450C15 Cusco RS-Type LSD Front 1.5way (Converts to 1way) EVO 8/9 ACD $2040.00
CU-141L15 Cusco RS-Type LSD Rear 1.5way (Converts to 2way) Non-AYC model $1250.00
CU-141L2 Cusco RS-Type LSD Rear 2way (Converts to 1.5way) Non-AYC model $1250.00
CU-448L15 Cusco RS-Type LSD Rear 1.5way (Converts to 2way) AYC model $1260.00
CU-448L2 Cusco RS-Type LSD Rear 2way (Converts to 1.5way) AYC model $1260.00