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Hydraulic Handbrake

STI hydraulic handbrake levers and master cylinders are homologated for Group N rally use. Master cylinder retains the diagonally split hydraulic system (2 inlets and 2 outlets) as required by the regulations. Master cylinder is homologated for N12 and N12b for use with a modified factory handbrake lever. For N14 a vertical handbrake lever is homologated and is available as either a left hand drive or right hand drive version.

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Manufacturer: STI


  • Subaru Impreza STI MY06+

How does this hydraulic handbrake work and what is required to install it? The brake lines running to the rear calipers will need to be custom made so they can be routed to the handbrake master cylinder. The connections at the master cylinder are best achieved with 10mm banjo fittings. With the handbrake released the outer connections on the master cylinder will flow freely to the two inner connections. When the handbrake is pulled it closes off the outer ports and pressurizes the inner ports. The Group N cylinder allows the factory diagonally split (RF and LR on one master cylinder circuit and LF and RR on the other circuit) to be maintained. The factory proportioning valve or an adjustable valve with two inlets and two outlets should be used.

Can the mechanical handbrake parts be removed for weight savings? Yes, the handbrake shoes, cables, and hardware can be removed.