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Rubber Lip Spoiler Extension

Attaches to the front lower edge of STI's range of Subaru lip spoiler kits in order to maximize the aero effects while also providing a level of damage protection for the bottom of the spoiler. Material is hard rubber and is fixed to the spoiler by means of both double sided tape and small screws. Extension height is approximately 20mm. Please review the full sized photo of the Impreza GRB application to see a detailed indication of the product height.

Usually ships within 1 to 2 weeks.

Manufacturer: STI

Applications: Genuine STI Front Lip Spoilers (BRZ, Impreza, Forester, Legacy)

How does this product work? Essentially the effect of the lip spoiler kit is to clean up and reduce the air flow underneath the car while increasing the high pressure air flow over top the car. The result is a reduction in lift, particularly at the front of the car, while also enhancing the effect of other aero components on the car. The use of the optional rubber skirt maximizes the effects by further reducing the clearance between the spoiler and the ground.

Can you briefly explain aerodynamic lift, downforce, and drag as it affects a car? Aerodynamic lift occurs when air pressures acting on the bottom side of the vehicle (or component) are higher than that acting on the top side resulting in a net upward force. Downforce is negative lift. The lift forces add or subtract from the forces affecting the tire contact patches and therefore will alter available traction. The distribution of lift will affect the handling balance if the effect on the front and rear wheels is not equal. Drag is a measure of the air resistance acting on the vehicle. Lift, downforce, and drag forces increase exponentially with speed.

What exactly is this extension and how does it attach to the lip spoiler? The lip extension is a molded rubber strip that attaches to the bottom side of the lip spoiler with double sided tape and some small screws. It improves the aerodynamic effectiveness of the lip spoiler while also providing protection to the bottom side of the lip spoiler. The rubber strip has enough flexibility that it will absorb minor impacts or contact without damage.