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Side Skirt Set

Side skirts attach to rockers and provide improved high speed stability while enhancing the vehicle styling. Semi-gloss black finish.

Usually ships within 2 to 4 weeks

Manufacturer: STI


How does this product work? Side skirts keep the high pressure air along the sides of the car from interefering with the low pressure underneath the car. The front bumper spoiler, side skirts, and rear diffuser work together to create a low pressure area under the car and then slow down and smooth out the air flow as it exits the rear of the car and rejoins the high pressure air coming off the upper surface of the car. The purpose is to reduce lift, improve traction, and minimize drag.

Can you briefly explain aerodynamic lift, downforce, and drag as it affects a car? Aerodynamic lift occurs when air pressures acting on the bottom side of the vehicle (or component) are higher than that acting on the top side resulting in a net upward force. Downforce is negative lift. The lift forces add or subtract from the forces affecting the tire contact patches and therefore will alter available traction. The distribution of lift will affect the handling balance if the effect on the front and rear wheels is not equal. Drag is a measure of the air resistance acting on the vehicle. Lift, downforce, and drag forces increase exponentially with speed.

Are there disadvantages to using this product? The side skirts are susceptable to damage while entering and exiting the car.