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Roof Vent Kit

Factory JDM roof vent kit provides interior ventilation on race and rally applications during transit or cool down sections (latch mechanism is not designed for use at very high speeds). Vent kit is supplied standard in WR Blue. To purchase other colors buy the individual parts from the repair parts list. Some colors may be discontinued. Requires custom installation unless roof panel is changed.

Shipping time varies (email for specific info).

Manufacturer: Subaru


  • Subaru Impreza MY02-07

What is the installation process for this roof vent? The installation is a complex process that is best left to a skilled body shop or fabricator. Either the roof panel needs to be replaced with the proper roof panel or the opening for the vent needs to be cut into the roof. There is no template available to show the location and size for cutting this opening. It is best to use the inner trim panel as a rough template and the mounting bracketry for positioning.

What model was this roof vent used on? The JDM RA, Spec C and certain limited production models came standard with this roof vent.