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GC8 V6 Front Bumper Conversion

Complete JDM STI Version 6 front bumper conversion and individual part listing. Front bumper cover is the same as USDM 2.5RS MY99-01 but bumper reinforcement, foglamp covers, and front lip spoiler are JDM-specific. The kit can be purchased either with foglamp covers (without lamps) or with foglamps (without covers). Bumper cover and lip spoiler are supplied unpainted. Foglamp covers are factory painted and have decals applied. White covers are supplied with complete kit unless you request otherwise. Bumper beam is lightweight and designed for racing use only.

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Manufacturer: Subaru


  • Subaru Impreza MY93-01
Part No. Description Application Price Ea. Add to Cart
RST-5906kit JDM STI V6 Front Bumper Conversion (Fog Covers) Impreza MY93-01 $1215.85
RST-5906kit-L JDM STI V6 Front Bumper Conversion (Fog Lamps) Impreza MY93-01 $1076.14
Individual Parts
RST-5906 GC8 V5/6 Front Bumper Cover $206.21
RST-5921 GC8 V5/6 Lightweight Front Bumper Reinforcement $70.08
RST-5896WG GC8 V5/6 Foglamp Cover Set (RH+LH) - White (51E) $355.75
RSTR-5795R GC8 V5/6 Bumper Insert, RH $25.66
RSTR-5795L GC8 V5/6 Bumper Insert, LH $30.11
RST-5770kit STI V6 Front Lip Spoiler Kit $320.00
RST-5897R GC8 V5/6 Foglamp Cover Bracket, RH $11.23
RST-5897L GC8 V5/6 Foglamp Cover Bracket, LH $11.23
RST-5899 Foglamp Cover Screw (Qty.2 Required) $2.04
RSTR-5896R Foglamp Mounting Plate, RH $12.02
RSTR-5896L Foglamp Mounting Plate, LH $12.02
RSTR-8450R Fog Lamp Assembly, RH Not Shown $121.29
RSTR-8450L Foglamp Assembly, LH Not Shown $121.29
RST-8413R Turn Signal Lamp Assembly, RH (JDM Spec) Not Shown $78.15
RST-8413L Turn Signal Lamp Assembly, LH (JDM Spec) Not Shown $78.15