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V4-6 Aluminum Hood

Lightweight aluminum turbo hood and hood components from JDM Version 4-6 models. This is a lightweight equivalent to the MY98-01 2.5RS hood. Parts are supplied unpainted. Subaru is gradually discontinuing many of the older Subaru parts. Please contact us for current availability of hood related parts not listed.

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Usually ships within 1 week.

Hood panel ships truck freight only.

Manufacturer: Subaru


  • Subaru Impreza MY93-01

What is the hood scoop air duct? This is sometimes referred to as a "splitter". It is a metal duct that attaches below the hood scoop and directs air from the hood scoop to the intercooler core making the intercooler work as efficiently as possible. On this application there is a separate duct that directs cooling air to the turbocharger.

What is the difference between the RA and the STI hood scoop air duct? The RA hood duct has provisions for mounting two water spray nozzles whereas the STI version does not.

Can you supply the taller S201 hood scoop? No, production of the S201 hood scoop was discontinued by STI several years ago.